Should I Buy ProductDyno

Today, I received an email promotion from Promote Labs Inc with regards to

I have been looking for such tool for quite sometimes. I have purchased several similar ones before, but so far, still not satisfactory with them.

Doing some research online about this product – Product Dyno. Even though, the sales page mention that it is launching now, but it seems like it has been around since 2016. Maybe, it is a repackage, transfer of owner or totally new? Not sure.

Months ago, I remember buying a similar membership software (which allow selling of membership and products) from Promote Labs Inc as well. After some testing, I request a refund as it does not perform what I want.

I suppose I will give ProductDyno a try. Hopefully it will turn out well.

Email Content From Promote Labs Inc

We’ve just flipped the switch and the cart is now open for ProductDyno Early Adopters!

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If you sell (or plan to sell) any kind of digital content, anything from ebooks and training, to plugins, desktop tools or web-based, software services be sure to check this out today…

We’ve opened up the doors to a select few Early Adopters who are ready to let us waive the future recurring billing and get grandfathered in with a LIFETIME access account.

Why are we doing this?

While we’re already using it in our own business to sell, deliver and license products…

We need your help to get this new service used across hundreds (even thousands) of websites, gather your feedback so we can make it better, get case studies and testimonials from our early users and get it ready for public launch in a few months.

If you’re up for that then your advantage is you can now get in with just a one time payment for a lifetime of access to ProductDyno at the level you choose right here

This opportunity will only be around for a short time so you’ll want to jump on this as soon as you can today.

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy & Simon
Promote Labs Inc

Misleading Ads Copy – HiJackrr

Received an email today from WSO Updates <> that prompt me to check out

After reading the sales page, what I can say is that such software is not new. It has been around long time ago. And the sales copy is very misleading.

On the page it mention: “Instantly Hijack The Authority of ANY WEBSITE Online“…Monetize ANY Website In The World… Imagine Having Your Affiliate Links on Sites Like Amazon, CNN, BBC…

On the video and sales page, it sound like you can place any link on any web site. If you think this is possible … REALLY ?????? If someone can place a link in just ONE website like Amazon FREELY, how much do you think it cost? Think again, if 1000 buys can place 1000 links in the same site. Do you REALLY think is possible?

Basically this software just provide a way to create a link (from your own domain), then open a any site you want (eg Amazon), and display something that you like to show. It try to trick user that they are in Amazon site. Technically this is not the case. And legally, I am not sure will you get into trouble. I am not a lawyer, you have to find that out yourself.

It will definitely not getting you more traffic as user looking at Amazon will not see your “content” at all. So is HiJackrr a scam? It’s up to you to define. For me, I will not touch such software at all.

Email Content from WSO Daily

Hijack The Authority of ANY WEBSITE with This…

So listen – the “Must Have” plugin of 2017 was just released.
It’s called “Hijackrr”, and it is going to totally change how you
do business.

In fact, don’t even waste any more time reading this – just go
directly to the “Hijackrr” website.

Do not pass “go”. Do not collect $200.

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Ok…so if you are still here reading this let us tell you a
little more about the Hijackrr plugin.

What if we told you that you could put your own opt in form
on any website on the entire internet…including BIG PLAYERS
like CNN, TMZ, or BuzzFeed?

Hijackrr can do that. What if we told you that you could lock any
YouTube video (or any other page for that matter), not letting
anyone see it until they shared your page, subscribed to your list,
or filled out your CPA offer?

Hijackrr can do that.

Are you starting to understand just how powerful Hijackrr is?
And to think…this isn’t even all it’s capable of.

Do this now – click the link below to go directly to the Hijackrr
website & learn about all the cool stuff it can do.

Then you’ll know why it is the “Must Have Plugin of 2017”.

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Speak soon,
David M Brown

Read More…

CoverActionPro 3.0 – Wonderful 3D Covers Software

CoverActionPro 3.0 has re-opened it’s door after the January launch promotion. This 28 March 2017, CA 3 – one of the most intense products that Mark Monciardin has ever created, will be relaunch. If you missed out the previous sales, don’t miss this.

You don’t need to outsource your next Book Cover!

What’s CoverActionPro 3.0

We all know that by using professional graphics to promote your book or product will significantly boost your conversions. You’ve probably already tried to make your own cool-looking book shot or product cover, but how much time did it take you? Did it turn out nice and professional?

The end result from CoverActionPro is ‘impressively’ beautiful.

CoverActionPro is a script created by Mark Monciardini. You will need Photoshop to run (or you can call it Photoshop actions) the script. With the script, plus the many templates that accompany with CoverActionPro, you can turn ANY book or product cover into an AMAZING 3D presentation.

Quick Overview About CoverActionPro Template Package

  • Simple to use and saves you a lot of time
  • Make beautiful product shots – no skills required!
  • Over 500+ mockups and templates – all customizable!
  • Pre-made book designs included.
  • High-resolution graphics that look amazing everywhere!
  • Make beautiful images for boxsets, ebooks, magazines, study courses and so much more!

So if you are looking to take your book or products to the next level and grow your business then these templates are a MUST have. This will completely change the way you present your products online.

Samples images created by CoverActionPro:

Click here to buy CoverActionPro now

CoachGlue – Six Figure Success System – Six Figure Success System has launched the training program: Six Figure Success System. This training program shows you the system that Melissa & Nicole (owners of use to run their businesses. Together they run a 7-figure business PLUS they each run their own businesses, too.

Do you want to study how how they plan out the creation and release of 50+ products a year AND keep it all organized?

Six Figure Success System Training Program

Six Figure Success System program will teach you how Melissa & Nicole create great simple business plan and business goals for their business. It is NOT a live training program, everything is recorded. Thus, you can attend the training at your own pace.

I know you’re working hard on and in your business. You get online every day, and spend hours learning and doing … and doing some more … answered email here …. returned phone call there … social media posts here … oops, you just spend half an hour viewing your Facebook posts.

Working HARD doesn’t always mean working smart.

Are you reaching those big goals you’ve got on your vision board yet? If not, there is a reason. You may be working hard (so very hard) but you’re not working as smart as you could be. It’s a matter of focus. What you focus on grows.

Nicole and Melissa will show you how to set your business goals on fire this year with their 4 P’s:

  1. Productivity (focusing on the right things)
  2. Planning (so you don’t get derailed or sidetracked from the big money stuff)
  3. Products (for passive income)
  4. Promotion (so you can reach more people and sell more stuff)

Let Melissa and Nicole help get you on the right path. If you can get those nailed down, you’ll be sitting pretty with both money AND time… and they know, because they’ve done it over and over again in their businesses.

Click here to learn more about Six Figure Success System by

Earncome PLR By Jimmy D. Brown

Jimmy D. Brown has just released 50 PLR (private label rights) licenses to his flagship Earncome Yearlong Training Program course at

When you order PLR to this , here’s what you get…

An editable copy of the Training Program Modules in .doc format. Over 875 pages of rock-solid internet business-building content related to list-building, product creation, traffic generation, business growth, content, and productivity. You will get all 52 modules in editable .doc files. Most of the content is “ready to go” as is, while some of it you will want to edit out my personal examples to insert your own.

A copy of the professional sales page and graphics. Simple tweak it to make it yours (add your name, contact information, order links, etc.), upload it to your site and you’re ready to take orders for $97 per order.

“This is a huge package with over 875 pages of rock-solid content created by me (Jimmy D Brown), an expert with over 15 years of experience. You won’t find a better or more high quality package at a better price anywhere.

If you hired a cheap “English as a third language” freelancer to create something like this for just $5 a page, you’d pay $4375. Whoa.

Even if you could find someone willing to do it for $1 per page, you’d be shelling out over $875. And that doesn’t even include the time and costs required to fix the word salad, grammatical errors and just plain bad information that a $1 a page writer would produce.

How much time would it take you to create these 875 pages yourself? If it took you a mere 10 minutes to create each page, you’d be slaving away continuously for 145 hours. I’m pretty sure your time is better spent doing something else!” – Jimmy D. Brown

Warning: There is only 50 licenses in this sales, so grab yours before they are gone.
Click here to get all the details about the PLR license to Earncome Training Program