Emailtivity By Jimmy D. Brown

Jimmy D. Brown just release his new product – Emailtivity (

Emailtivity is a set of resources to help increase your email marketing productivity and profit. You can either purchase this product with Personal Right or PLR.

Emailtivity inclubes the below:

  • The Call-To-Action Checklist
  • The Monetization Checklist
  • The Presell Checklist
  • The Follow-Up Checklist
  • The Segmentation Checklist
  • The Cold/Dead List Checklist

Plus 14 additional instantly usable mini-systems filled with steps, ideas, examples, shortcuts, options and more!

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Weekend Promotion for Jimmy D. Brown’s Premium PLR Packs

Jimmy D. Brown has put together a 50% discount for some of his premium PLR products for this weekend only.
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Jimmy D. Brown – The Premium Product System PLR

Jimmy D. Brown has just released 50 PLR (private label rights) licenses to his highest-rated course – The Premium Product System.

The Premium Product System is a course that Jimmy teaches how to create information products. This course is currently selling at for $97. You can visit this site to review the sales page of this product.

The market for this product is HUGE. It’s the largest “niche” Selling information products is a billion dollar+ per year industry.

Now, you can purchase the PLR for The Premium Product System, and get your own signature product that has a long-term shelf life which you can sell for $97 over and over and over again as a core offer for your business.

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What Is Inbound Marketing

Have you heard of inbound marketing? Chances are you know what it is even if you haven’t heard of that term or of inbound sales. With the advent of the internet and online marketing – content marketing in particular – inbound marketing has become a popular and profitable way to market yourself and your business.

The basic idea with inbound marketing is that your prospects and customers come to find you instead of you having to go out and cold call or advertise. In the online world, this usually means that people come across some content you’ve created, which then leads them to your website. There they’ll sign up for your list, read your blog, your emails, and eventually start buying your products.

You can look at inbound marketing as a three step process. Step one is to get out there so you can be found. This means sharing lots of great content in a variety of formats across the web. You’ll get the best results when you have a good idea of who your target market is and where they hang out online. Step two is to get those people into your funnel. For that to happen, your goal is to get them to your site and then have them sign up for your list. This allows you to capture their email address and get back in touch with them over and over again. Step three is of course to make offers and get them to spend money with you. How you do this depends on your business model. You can make offers for your own products, or those that you’re an affiliate for. Or mix and match a variety of different offers to get them exactly what they need to reach their goals.

That’s really all inbound marketing is. You share a bunch of great content so your potential customers can find you. You stay in touch and build a relationship with them via email and social media. And finally, you serve them well and make a profit along the way. It’s a great approach to business that’s a win-win for everyone involved.

The key takeaways are to offer great content and show that you know what you’re talking about. Plus that content needs to be in places where your customers can find it. The next main goal is to provide great customer service and build a strong relationship with your readers.

Last but not least, you want to continually provide them with offers for things they need and use. Do that and you’ll build a stable, profitable business through inbound marketing.

Jimmy D. Brown – PLR licenses

Jimmy D. Brown has released the CopyBox PLR licenses at Now you have the opportunity to get PLR to a profitable frontend product. As this is just being launched, if you are fast, it’s a great opportunity for you to obtain private label rights (PLR) licensing to a brand new product with virtually no competition. Below is a time limited coupon that you can use to enjoy a discount when purchasing this PLR pack.


CopyBox is a 10-day crash course in writing sales letters that convince people to buy is something that every internet business owner needs. This copywriting course is loaded in the main curriculum and comes with five great bonuses.

Below is the day by day breakdown of each of the ten modules:

  • Day 1: Pre, Primary, and Post Headline
    The headline is the most important part of your sales letter – if it doesn’t get attention, then your whole letter is an epic fail. Inside this module you’ll find out how to craft headlines that deliver high conversions and great results!
  • Day 2: Present the Problem
    If your headline did a good job, then your prospects are going to start reading your letter. Now you need to create an opener that rocks your prospects to their core – and that’s exactly what you’ll find out how to do in this module!
  • Day 3: Product Introduction
    You just reminded your prospects of their pain in the previous step. Now in this step you’ll introduce them to the joy of the solution. They’ll find out what your product can do for them.
  • Day 4: Proof
    At this point you’ve made some mighty big claims in your sales letter. This is where you prove your claims, build your credibility, and really get your prospects to fall in love with your product!
  • Day 5: Points
    This is the part of your letter where you take your prospect from mildly interested to absolutely frothing-at-the-mouth and frantic to get their hands on your product!
  • Day 6: Pull
    At this point you’ve whipped your prospect into a frenzy, so now it’s time to pull them to your order form. That’s what you’ll find out how to do in this module.
  • Day 7: Promise
    In this module you’ll find out how to overcome objections and boost your response rates by offering a strong guarantee.
  • Day 8: Process
    This is the part of your letter where you take the order. Get this part wrong, and you’ll sink your sales! This module shows you how to avoid that.
  • Day 9: Postscript
    The P.S. is the second-most read part of your sales letter, which makes it a key to getting the sale! That’s why you’ll want to pay close attention to this module, where you’ll find out how to create a postscript that closes the sale.
  • Day 10: Pulling It All Together
    In this module you’ll find out how to snap into place each piece of your sales letter to create a sales machine that produces great results.


  1. BONUS #1 – Three Direct-Response Sales Letter Templates
  2. BONUS #2 – 26-page report on Persuasion and Copywriting Tips For Boosting Sales
  3. BONUS # 3 – 10 Fill-In-The-Blank Headline Templates
  4. BONUS #4 – 10 Ways to Create Urgency In Your Copy
  5. BONUS #5 – StorySelling: How to Tell a Story In Your Copy

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