DFYTemplates By Alice Seba & Ron Douglas From EliteWritersLab

Alice Seba & Ron Douglas have launched DFY Templates at dfytemplates.com. DFYtemplates is a membership site that provides monthly fill-in-the-blanks templates to help you focus on a particular marketing strategy.

Depending on the plan you have joined, you can either:

  1. Full rights to edit and use the templates use the templates to market your own personal business.
  2. Full rights to edit and use the templates to help your clients market their businesses and for your own business too.
  3. Full rights to edit, brand, and resell the templates as your own.

dfytemplates Sample

If you’re not quite sure how you can use our fill-in-the-blanks marketing templates, you can get a Free Sample Content Marketing Template Package to Use in your own marketing plan to see what a time saver our ready-made templates really are. In this sample pack, you’ll receive:

  • A content marketing planner
  • 7 content creation templates
  • 13 byline templates with calls-to-action
  • …and you can use them all in your content marketing campaigns.

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Easy Redirect Script

I noticed Easy Redirect Script (from easyredirectscript.com by Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos) while researching for link management software that allow me to redirect/cloak my url, conversion tracking and reporting system. On top of those features, I am hoping to get one that allow me to perform split test, rotating,

There are many other link cloaker and redirect scripts or services that I have found. I have listed below. If you have better software that can do the jobs, do update me by commenting on this post. Thanks in advance 🙂

Paid scripts are build on WordPress platform

Paid Hosted solutions

I understand that there are free url shortener services like goo.gl, ow.ly, bit.ly, tinyurl, budurl, etc. You have no control on how these services will handle your links. Read their term and condition, based on their definition links can be deleted. Another factor is that the reporting feature is not as rich as many of the paid option. I don’t feel safe to have my links hosted with them. After all my effort to use these links, the last thing I want to know is that the redirect link is gone.

Free Script

  • Yourls.org – Your Own URL Shortener. The software is written in PHP script and is free and open source. It’s is no as powerful than
    those paid version, but does provide you with simeple link management features.

What Easy Redirect Script Can Do?

EDS (Easy Redirect Script) is a cloaking script that allow you to create a cloaking link that can hide your affiliate URLs, and redirects to the actual page. With ERS, there are various ways provided to redirect your links: SEO safe redirects, stealth pages, stealth redirects, splash redirects.

One plus point for EDS is that you do not need a wordpress to be installed (this is great for those that are using others CMS).

Point TO Note

Once you purchase Easy Redirect Script, you have Unlimited License adn you can install in many of your domains. However do note that there is only 1 year for the free upgrades. I cannot find any related information on the upgrades after the first year.

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Jimmy D. Brown – The Partner Traffic System PLR licenses

Jimmy D. Brown has just released 100 PLR (private label rights) licenses to his in-depth course – The Partner Traffic System.

The market for this product is HUGE. It’s the largest “niche” in the world – literally, every website owner in the world is a potential customer. Every one of them wants more traffic and now you can sell this package to them to teach them how to get traffic with this “no-cost, no-budget system for getting free website traffic.

This is a great opportunity for you to get your own signature product that has a long-term shelf life which you can sell for $97 over and over and over again as a core offer for your business.

Warning: There is only 100 licenses in this promotion, so grab yours before they are gone.
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Embrace Your Unique Story In Your Business

Do you worry that everything you teach or promote has been “done before”?
Do you think you have nothing new to add to the conversation, or that everyone has “heard it all before”?


This kind of thinking is the number one killer of new businesses, and it is absolutely not true.

  • Wendy’s hamburger chain was conceived long after McDonald’s already had a huge piece of the fast food pie.
  • Dominos and Little Ceasar’s exist in the same niche quite well (as do many, many others).
  • Marie Forleo, Carrie Wilkerson, Denise Duffield-Thomas and dozens of others all help online entrepreneurs find success.

Clearly, if there were only room for one superstar in any given field, many of our most-loved businesses would not exist today.

So what’s the lesson here? First, there is absolutely room for you.

But let’s take a closer look. If you really think about it, these “competitors” are unique individuals. You won’t find a Quarter-Pounder wanna be on the Wendy’s menu. And Little Ceasar’s sells itself as the less expensive alternative to other pizza places. Likewise, Marie, Carrie and Denise are not clones of one another.

They are very, very different, and because of that, they appeal to completely different audiences.

For new (or even established) business owners, this is a powerful lesson. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to embrace your unique story, too.

ConversionFly is LIVE

ConversionFly.com is a platform to new track and optimize your marketing campaigns. It is created by Todd Brown · CEO & Founder at Marketing Funnel Automation. During this launch period, you will be able to purchase the membership at a discounted price. On top of getting the lowest prices ever for the ConversionFly membership, this discounted price will LOCKED even if the price is to be increased in the future.

Now You Can Track & Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns Like A Real Direct Response Marketing Pro! – ConversionFly

ConversionFly Bonus

During the launch period, beside the MASSIVE DISCOUNT on your ConversionFly account, you will receive additional special bonuses.
With these bonuses you’ll have everything you need to set-up, test, optimize, improve and scale your funnels like a pro!

1) The Next Level Marketing Funnel Maps Bundle – Learn how to setup the 17 most effective marketing funnel models being used online today. Go through the accompanying training video, print out the 17 funnel maps, and keep them by your desk so when you’re setting up a new funnel you can feel comfortable knowing you’re setting it up the same way I would.

This bundle was originally sold for $197.00. You get it today for free.

2) “How To Craft The Perfect Marketing Funnel Message Every Time!” 2 1/2 Hour Video Training
You’ll learn the same exact process I use inside my agency to create high-conversion marketing funnels for clients paying upwards of $50,000 to have me create a single funnel for them. You’ll learn my entire method for creating a powerful marketing funnel message that turns your prospects desire into demand for your product. If there was any training that reveals my secret sauce for creating funnel messages… and why I’ve become known as the go-to guy for creating wildly profitable marketing funnels… this is it!

3) “How To Double Your Traffic Every Month For The Next 4 Months… Starting With Any Budget!”
It’s the recording of private presentation given by traffic expert, Curt Maly, founder of Blackbox Social Media, to my clients at MFA Live. With this training you’ll know exactly how to use paid traffic the right way to pump more and more prospects through your funnel. Right now, this presentation is only available as part of a bundle that regularly sells for $497.00.

4) “Understanding Your Marketing Metrics”
This bonus will ensure you understand what the metrics in your ConversionFly account are telling you about your marketing so you can make the decisions I would to improve your funnel.

ConversionFly GUARANTEE

You’re protected by a full 30-day money-back guarantee after you purchased the ConverisonFly account. For the next 30 days, you can test out the tracking platform to decide if it is the right tool for you. Test the usability, accuracy, speed, etc to decide if you want to use ConverisonFly as you tracking tool. This is an important decision as migrating to other later will take a long time. Test out ConversionFly, if you don’t feel that the tool is what you want, request for a refund. And that, you can keep all the bonus resources as gift!

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