Testing Convertbar On This Site

Recently I have purchased Convertbar software. At first glance, it looks like many similar products out there that display a bar in the header or footer of your site. But if you read in detail about what this new software can do, you will be amazed.

What Is ConvertBar?

ConvertBar is a script that allow you to display targeted, personalized offers based on your visitors behavior. One powerful example will be able to automatically show a sequence of offers for each visitor as they return to your site over a specific period of time.

First Try For Installing ConvertBar – FAILED

The first thing that I need to do is to integrate my GetResponse with Convertbar. This process is done in less than a minute.
Convertbar Integrates With GetResponse Autoresponder

Next I create my first convert bar.
First Convertbar

Finally I install the Convertbar WP plugin.
First Convertbar

Installation completed but the bar does not appear on my site 🙁
I just follow the steps during the creation of the bar. I am not sure what have gone wrong. Likely I will have to spend more time to research on what’s happening. I suspect that it might be conflicting with some of my others WP plugins.

I will update my review about ConvertBar after I have “played” enough with it. Start tune.

Updated 4 Aug 2017: Finally the bar appear, but …
Today, I finally have time to explore this software again. I log in to app.convertbar.com
After some testing, finally the bar appear by going to “Bar Settings” -> “Pages to display this bar on” -> enter “*” in the box.

However, I do notice that the bar take quite sometimes to appear. I wonder is their server speed or issue at my end.
Another thing that I notice is, the “*” somehow does not appear in the box after I saved and return to it. I try to change some other settings and realise the bar does not appear again.

I try this step again: go to “Bar Settings” -> “Pages to display this bar on” -> enter “*” in the box, and the bar appear again.

I suppose it is a bug. Not sure … Will explore again in the future. 😛

Review of PLR.me eBooks and Report

Is PLR.me worth the investment for you? I am a PLRme member for more than 15 years. If you are looking for good plr quality content, PLR.me definitely is one of the best membership to join. Till date, PLR.me is still one of the 2 membership sites that I am in for more than 10 years (the other one is my GetResponse account).
[This post is updated on Jul 2017]

About PLR.me

How long do you need to spend in order to create e-books or reports for your readers? It can be a time consuming work to compile a good one.

PLR.me is one of the content provider that offer PLR articles, e-books and reports in the format of TXT, PDF and DOC. You can either provide your reader with the pdf copy or do some editing to the doc (eg branding) before giving them away to them.

The quality of the articles, eBooks and report provided by PLR.me is top notch. If you wish, you don’t really need to edit them. If you join the Self Help PLR Membership by PLR.me, you will receive a number of such documents monthly. The documents can be in the forms of reports, checklists, worksheets, cheat sheets, story, etc.

Every month, you will receive a few type of documents. The main report contains around 30 pages. There rest will contain lesser pages.

Not Just Good PLR contents, GREAT TOOLS as well

In recent years, PLR.me members can access to exclusive content management tools that help them to save time, thus becoming more productive.
PLR.me Members-Only Web Tools
Click here to learn more about plr.me online tools

Below is some example of documents that you will be receiving.

Example of Main Report – This report contains close to 30 pages of content.
Main Report

Example of A Fable

Example of A Worksheet

Example of A Short Report
Short Report

Example of A Short Report 2
Short Report 2

As you can see, the documents are professionally layout and designed, with great contents.

After you become a PLR.me member, you will be able to downloads the PLR materials. The material is release at the first of each month. For so many years, there is no delay in providing the PLR material on time.

What Can You Do With PLR.me Contents

You can use them as an incentive for your readers to join your mailing list. You can offer them as bonus to your subscribers. You might even want to consider selling them. If you wish, you can breakdown the report and use it as your website contents.

As these PLR contents is in the self help category, you will be benefit from them even if you are not targeting to this niche specifically. Self Improvement contents fixed nicely to many others niches, eg Money, Dating, Health, etc.

Click here to check out PLR.me. You’ll be IMPRESSED.

I hope you will find this PLR.me reviews useful. A question for your reader here. If I will to offer a bonus for those that join PLE.me membership, what is it that you want? Do comment below and let me know. Thanks in advance 🙂

Textsuite Software By Jonathan L Leger

TextSuite is a new software created by Jonathan L Leger. The first product that I have purchased from him is “The Best Spinner” which is many many years back.

Text Suite is a new software that combine various writing tools that allow user to create contents easily. It comes editable article templates, article builder content, able to spin words, pictures and videos. The concept is very cool.

The official site for the software is at textsuite.com. As this software is still new, there isn’t much information yet. Will update more when I have more detail about it.