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WordPress Magazine Theme – Mimbo Theme

Do you use WordPress? If so, how? Maybe you are looking for a different format, one that appeals more to you or a target audience vis-a-vis market. How about ease of use, which then becomes a timesaver in a hectic world. Recently there has been an uproar – positive of course – about the use of the Mimbo theme.

The Mimbo theme is a magazine or if you will, a news theme template that more and more people are turning to. With its ease of use to create or modify your information, design aspects and the attention to detail, this is quickly becoming an industry standard for websites.

Those who have programmed a web page know that it is a time-consuming effort to get just the look you or a client want. Those of us who have paid for this web page creation know that this can quickly get expensive, especially when maintaining the page.

With Mimbo’s free and sleek design template, changes are quick and efficient. You can spend less time using the Mimbo theme and yet create a more attractive design any time you choose. The template provides for feature and spotlight areas to quickly draw attention to something particular. There is no manual editing and the template includes options for searches, archives as well as analysis of content and the use of simple advertising.

A great aspect to Mimbo is the use of images. Mimbo automatically resizes your pictures to fit, thus no more cropping in a photo editor or having several copies of the same image in different sizes, taking up space. For your customers, clients or anyone else, Mimbo also has in its template a printing option that allows information to be printed without all of the graphics or runoff of words on the tangible copy.

For those websites that have a sitemap link at the bottom, chances are it is the Mimbo theme template that was used.

Mimbo, in itself, is a free WordPress template program that looks professional. Many other template programs cost and sometimes the quality and ease of use leaves much to be desired. Mimbo is a quick download found just about anywhere on the internet. So if you have a web page or desire one, jump on the bandwagon and check it out for yourself. Chances are you will find yourself redoing the old page or creating a new one and loving the results.

Download => WordPress Magazine Mimbo Theme

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